With lots of news articles recently about the hoohah of rent a friend services and escorts, what is the difference between these two types of seemingly similar services? While on paper they sound similar, they are actually worlds apart! Just to clear things up, services by agencies such as ours are that of escorts.

Without further ado, let us move into the topic proper.

Escorts are usually romantic in nature, while rent a friend is platonic in nature

To put it simply in terms that even a kindergarten student can understand, escorts are basically pretend girlfriends. They provide what is called the GFE.

On the other hand, rent a friend services are basically what its name suggests. You are basically renting a FRIEND.

There is a reason why there is a difference between someone you normally call a girlfriend and a friend. If at this point in time you still think there is no differences between these two terms, then you need to go back to primary school.

To put it even more crudely, hire an escort for a true girlfriend experience, rent a friend for a friend-zoned experience

That is why the former is usually are much more expensive to hire than any kind of rent a friend service, because you are getting so much more. Unless you get high on going out with a girl who behaves as though she already friendzoned you ages ago, you should only engage escorts.

That is why the smart and successful in Singapore go for escorts, while the poorer and lower class nobodies go for rent a friend services. You do not hear of successful men going for rent a friend, and vice versa.

There are also differences between escorts and sugar babies, for instance, there is a huge price discrepancy even though many people didn’t know it. Read more about it here.